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Capcom Special Edition Tin - Ryu

Capcom Special Edition Tin - Ryu

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Advance your skills with the Universal Fighting System CCG Special Edition Tins!

Join the fight and compete with classic Capcom fighters from Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Darkstalkers! Use this tin to advance your training in the Universal Fighting System and play your friends to become the ultimate universal fighter!

Use these cards to train any fighter in the Universal Fighting System and take another step towards becoming the ultimate universal fighter. Players need at least 1 UFS starter deck or turbo deck to use the cards within.

• 1 TIN EXCLUSIVE Street Fighter Foil Card 
• 6 Capcom Booster Packs 
• 3 Street Fighter Booster Packs 
• 1 Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers Booster Pack 
• 1 Mega Man: Battle for Power Booster Pack 
• 1 Capcom Platinum Series Booster Pack

This Tin contains a total of 61 Universal Fighting System game cards.