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Dungeon Lords
Dungeon Lords
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Dungeon Lords

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Dungeon Lords is a game for 2 to 4 aspiring Dungeon Lords. You get to dig tunnels, mine gold, hire monsters, create traps and care about all the things a proper dungeon needs. It is not easy, as the competition for resources is stiff and sometimes you have to get a bit evil to get what you want – and the more evil you get, the stronger the adventurers your dungeon attracts.

Players 2-4
Age 12+
Playtime 90mins


-Central Board
-Progress Board (with a Building side and a Combat side)
-Distant Lands Board
-4 two-sided Dungeon Boards (in 4 colors)
-32 Orders Cards (8 in each color)
-8 Overview Cards (2 in each color)
-18 Combat Cards
-27 Trap Cards
-9 Special Event Cards
-24 Monster (or Ghost) Tiles
-16 Room Tiles
-32 Adventurer Tiles
-2 Paladin Tiles
-3 Event Tiles
-42 Tunnel Tiles
-3 Troll Tokens
-20 Item Tiles
-12 Minion Figures (3 in each color)
-4 Evil Counters (1 in each color)
-Starting Player Token
-Progress Marker
-about 40 Imp Figures
-about 30 Food Tokens
-about 30 Gold Tokens
-about 40 Damage Counters