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Feng Shui Action Movie RPG Burning Dragon Adventure

Feng Shui Action Movie RPG Burning Dragon Adventure

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Thousands have come to the festival, but only you can save the world!


  • A Feng Shui adventure that lets you kick ass across the Gobi Desert.
  • A new new format for huge events that makes them easy to run for new and experienced GMs alike.

Burning Dragon is a counterculture phenomenon held annually in the Gobi Desert. A raw celebration of creative talent and Mongolian culture to “forge the dragon” — creating a temporary city dedicated to art, age-old athletic competitions, and extravagant performances.

This year, however, Burning Dragon has been suborned by Damien Wu — festival organizer, Triad big shot, and secret Eater of the Lotus sorcerer. When the dragon effigy burns during the closing ceremonies, Wu will use a blood sacrifice to harness the attendees’ souls and reawaken the ancient feng shui site that smolders beneath the festival grounds!

  • Explore the myriad events of the vibrant, chaotic festival!
  • Reveal Wu’s perfidy and punish his treacherous Triads by kicking ass across the Gobi Desert!
  • Save the girl! … no, wait, never mind. She already saved herself. Help the girl!
  • Sabotage the evil Lotus ritual, turning it to your own advantage! Then summon the spirits of ancient heroes in a firework-festooned finale!