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Munchkin Collectable Card Game Cleric and Thief Starter Set

Munchkin Collectable Card Game Cleric and Thief Starter Set

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Table for Two Please!

From award-winning creators Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson! The Munchkin Collectible Card Game is a head-to-head duel in which bluffing and cheating are part of the game!

Cleric and Thief Starter Set

These Heroes look at the world very differently. The Dwarf Cleric laughs in the face of pain as he heals himself, turn after turn. The Elf Thief cheats and steals as often as possible . . . and sometimes getting caught cheating is part of her plan! Buy the Munchkin Collectible Card Game Cleric and Thief starter set and two players can fight right out of the box, or buy all three starter sets to let any two Heroes fight it out!

2 Players
60+ min
13 and Up

Key Features

Each Starter Set includes two Heroes and Hero decks, plus everything else you need to start playing immediately!

Every box has one 12-card booster, which includes at least one rare or better card.

40 tokens, one die.

Original artwork by John Kovalic, Katie Cook, and Tom Siddell.