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Station Master

Station Master

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Good Morning! Down by the Station, it's going to be a busy travel day. As Station Master, your job is to make sure everything runs smoothly. Your efficiency in assigning the appropriate railcars to locomotives, boarding the trains with passengers, and making sure the trains depart on time will allow you to win the game!


Station Master™ is played over a series of turns until all locomotives have left the station. Each turn, players choose to either attach a railcar to a train or assign a Passenger pawn to a railcar. The railcars determine the value of the train – positive or negative! Each Passenger pawn is played face down, so only its owner knows its value. Additionally, Action cards can be played that cause a variety of effects, from removing Passenger pawns or railcars to changing the values of trains! When a Locomotive’s railcar limit is reached, the train pulls away from the station, and players reveal the values of the Passenger pawns. Players determine their score for the train by multiplying the value of the train by the value of their Passenger pawns. 

  • Station Master™ creates a fun experience taking fewer than 45 minutes to play, allowing busy families and gaming groups to enjoy the experience.
  • Entertain up to six players in a single game of Station Master ™; this allows larger families and gaming groups to share the experience.
  • Station Master™ includes beautiful art featuring classic locomotives and vintage railroad images. This presentation brings genuine “wow factor” to the table.


  • With its easy ruleset and engaging player interaction, Station Master™ is the perfect weight to satisfy all audiences, from families and casual players to dedicated gamers.
  • Station Master™ provides a light strategic experience, easily described using the back of the box demo, and is perfect for players of all experience levels.