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Board games to engage with family, Video games for personal pursuits.

So yes console gaming and smartphone gaming are the true kings of entertainment. But mostly they are solo pursuits which has it's merit. I partake in gaming and always try to best myself, improve and learn new strategies and skills to win. But if I want to engage with my family and I mean truly engage with my family, board games, card games, puzzle games are far superior in not only bringing everyone together, but helps me and them to learn about each other.

Nothing is more enjoyable then seeing my daughters engaged in a game that we are all gathered around trying to show who's the best. While playing a board game can take up a lot of your time and may not be something you do regularly or as quickly as you can on a smartphone, once in a while you should take out a game and go analogue with the family.

This holidays, why not buy a new board game for you and your family to grow together a bit more and form bonds for life that will be passed down through generations as they play with their children and so on.

From the team at MyCraze we wish you an amazing Christmas, Hannukah or whatever it is that brings your family together.

Happy Holidays from the MyCraze team.