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Firestorm Stormfront

Firestorm Stormfront

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It was supposed to be a routine "hostile takeover": that polite euphemism that covers mass assassination and covert business warfare in the Dark Future. But now the two heaviest hitters in the CYBERPUNK reality are rushing at mach speed towards a head-to-head collision that will shatter the world!

And you're right in the middle -- caught in the crossfire as corporate giants Militech and Arasaka help their clients wage a war under the waves and then take the battle directly -- and viciously -- to each other.

THIS is the sourcebook that has something for everyone, including:

- Briefings on the first two stages of the conflict: The Ocean War and the Shadow War. These include complete timelines with all major events profiled.

- Over 43 NPCs, ranging from elite strike teams and major corporate players.

- New Character Roles, including Subjock and Assasin. Plus 13 new skills.

- All kinds of newtech, featuring 8 diving systems, 8 new cyberware items, and 10 new weapons.

- Over 13 new vehicles, ranging from fightersubs to covert assault vans.

- Profiles on 10 corporate facilities, to act as targets or strongholds.

- New mission folios profiling adventures in this ruthless struggle -- plus, one very special mission which is sure to rock you!

- Rules and guidelines for conducting underwater and covert warfare.

So grab your NuScuba kit and check the smartlink on your sniper rifle -- because after this one, NOTHING will be the same.